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The producer, AR KAGIT SAN. TIC.LTD.STI., Istanbul, Turkey, decided to expand the distribution activities in Europe. In this way they decided to support our company as an official representative of their business in EU, to control the distribution, maintaining quality and improving relationships with the European clients.

Thus, SC PAPILION DISTRIBUTION GROUP SRL was born in 2013 as the official business representative in Europe, registered in this regard by the European Commission in Cosmetic Products Notification Portal (CPNP).
Field of activity
Papilion Group Distribution SRL took over Papilion® nationwide products distribution, building in this way a competitive distribution system adapted to market demands.

Business strategy
The company's overall business strategy aims, besides implementing and enforcing Papilion® brand through sustained growth in market share, the diversification of the services, developing alternative distribution strategies and thus ensure the continuity of the product on the market to meet customer requirements.

The company is pursuing supporting the implementation, promotion, and distribution activities of the products range registered under the Papilion® brand.

The Papilion® portfolio of products: complete ranges of wet wipes, cosmetic care and hygiene, cleaning detergents, toilet paper, household and industrial consumption.

Direct and indirect distribution of products registered under the brand Papilion®.

Business competitiveness
The primary advantage of the business is the company's position in relation to the producer, which is its official representative in Europe.

Quality Policy & Objectives
Papilion® products without exception held all documents and periodic laboratory tests necessary to ensure quality according to the international ISO standards, all of which are available on the European Commission website, Cosmetic Products Notification Portal (CPNP).

The product range under the brand Papilion® are available in over 60 countries such as Greece, Ethiopia, Egypt, Panama, Hungary, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Bahamas, etc. In at least 40 countries Papilion® mark is registered as belonging to the manufacturer's brand.
The future projects of PAPILION DISTRIBUTION GROUP SRL seek to emphasize the products presence on the European market, responding to consumer demand at the highest level. In these efforts we are motivated by considerations of European consumers materialized in 2015 by receiving the distinction "We recommend to all Consumers".

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  • Business details
    Business type: Privat company, SRL (Private limited company)
    Registration no: J12/3360/2013
    EU VAT number: RO32465314
  • Phone
    +40 745 832 222 (management)
    +40 787 781 777 (domestic sales)
    +40 752 140 769 (export&supermarkets)
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  • Address
    Traian Vuia Street, no 222B
    400397, Cluj-Napoca

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